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2018/12/31 [Guest Editors ] “IQE of III-Nitride LEDs“, Applied Sciences Dec 2018

18-04-05 17:56

 III-Nitride_LEDs-Flyer.pdf (126.2K) [89] DATE : 2018-04-05 17:56:34

Special Issues “IQE of III-Nitride LEDs“
Applied Sciences Dec 2018

Message from the Guest Editors
Dear Colleagues,
III-nitride light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been of great
importance in recent years. Further expansion of LED
applications depend on energy efficiency, fabrication cost,
and reliability. A major challenge for III-nitride LEDs is
delivering the highest efficiency performance at the current
densities and temperatures for the intended applications.
The internal quantum efficiency (IQE), defined as the ratio
of the number of photons emitted from the active region to
the number of electrons injected into the device, is a key
performance parameter that represents the carrier
dynamics as well as the quality of semiconductor epitaxial
layers. In this Special Issue, we intend to focus on technical
hurdles relevant to the IQEs of III-nitride LEDs emitting from
ultraviolet to visible spectral ranges, covering such topics
as the IQE measurement methods, microscopic or
macroscopic models describing the optoelectronic
performances, characterization techniques, efficiency
droop phenomena, structural dependences on epitaxial
layers, current crowding, or chip size, and short- or longterm
Prof. Dr. Jong-In Shim
Prof. Dr. Dong-Soo Shin
Guest Editors
An Open Access Journal by MDPI
Internal Quantum Efficiency of III-Nitride Light-Emitting Diodes

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