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Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen Univerisity

13-11-25 15:55
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The Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering(IEOE), NSYSU was established in August 1993. The main objectives of the Institute are to: cultivate highly-trained professionals in electro-optical engineering in southern Taiwan area, promote the domestic research levels of electro-optical technologies in Taiwan.

(A)Goal of IEOE

1.Integrated Research Activity
  Cross-department and cross-college research are strongly encouraged. Research areas cover opto-physics, opto-electronic materials and devices, opto-electronic systems and applications.

2.Collaboration with Industry
  The Institute works in close collaboration with industry and local company. The Institute has the technical collaboration memorandum with Telecommunication Laboratories and Chang-Tai Telecommunication Laboratories and Chang-Tai Telecommunication Corporation.

3.Doctoral Program
  The doctoral program in the Institute was established in August in 1998.

(B)Research Focus of IEOE:

The major research programs of the IEOE are focused on :
(1) Optoelectronic Packaging and Materials,
 (2) Optoelectronic Systems and Applications,
(3) Semiconductor Process and Related Technology.

Currently there are seven full-time and one part-time faculty members, and over 90 graduate students.

경기도 안산시 상록구 사3동 한양대학교 제2과학기술관 602호
Room 602, Science & Technology Building II, Hanyang University, Ansan, Gyeonggi
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