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김지원Jiwon Kim

research interests
Defects and reliability of SiC power semiconductors

민상진SangJin Min

research interests
Nano rod LEDs, Micro-LEDs, OLEDs, Differential carrier lifetime measurements


  • Doctoral course
research interests
Optical communication laser diode

박재혁Jae Hyeok Park

research interests
Deep UV-LEDs, Efficiency improvement

박찬근ChanGeun Park

research interests
Internal electric field of LEDs, Nano rod LEDs

배주한Joohan Bae

research interests
Red LED based on InGaN, Photoluminescence, Impedance spectroscopy of LEDs


research interests
Red LED based on InGaN


  • Doctoral course

전동민DongMin Jeon

research interests
Thermal properties of LEDs, Micro-LEDs characteristics analysis

최일규Ilgyu Choi

research interests
Eu-doped GaN red LEDs, OLEDs


경기도 안산시 상록구 사3동 한양대학교 제2과학기술관 602호
Room 602, Science & Technology Building II, Hanyang University, Ansan, Gyeonggi
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