Semiconductor Photonics Laboratory (SPL) studies the interaction between electromagnetic wave and matter especially in semiconductors, thereby elucidating the principles, discovering new functionalities, and improving the performances of semiconductor optoelectronic devices. We are trying to develop semiconductor photonics technologies ranging from the basic knowledge to the applications to everyday lives. Semiconductor optoelectronic devices that we study include light-emitting diodes, diode lasers, photodetectors, photovoltaic devices, optical modulators, optical amplifiers, optical switches, and electromagnetic waveguide devices. In order to control operational speed, linearity, output power, temperature property, and noise characteristics of these devices, we perform researches on the development of new measurement techniques, analysis of device performances, and design of device structures as well as packages. Recently, our researches are focused on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) (emission wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to visible spectrum, 260, 375, 405, 450, 530, and 630 nm) in order to realize high performances in terms of output power and reliability. We utilize various tools that examine electrical, optical, thermal, mechanical, and material characteristics. While the industry concentrates on manufacturing technologies, the SPL is developing new analysis and measurement techniques/equipment and fostering professionals with these specialties. To achieve these goals, we are making efforts to construct human networks of different research areas such as electrical engineering, physics, materials science, and mechanical engineering and eventually a long-term relationship of industry-academia cooperation.

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Room 602, Science & Technology Building II, Hanyang University, Ansan, Gyeonggi
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